It’s the simple things that help

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting here. For those of you who know me you’ll know that I spend a lot of my time online, but tend not to blog deep thoughts so much as contribute short snippets of information and ideas through live online sessions and  in a wide range of spaces.

I’ve thought a lot about what I can add to the blogosphere and decided that I’ll start by sharing those little things that help me in my work.. it’ll be a fairly eclectic mix as I use a lot of tools. Chuckle… here we go!

Today I worked out how to copy and paste on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I figure it’ll be similar for many phones. When you find something you want to copy, hold your finger on the text (a long hold) and then the commands to edit or copy etc appear. Click on the one you want then go to the place you want to paste it – eg a Facebook update and do a long hold again, the commands to paste come up and you can post your update.

As this is the first post I have another great tip.  If you use Gmail you can now search your mail by Author (and a no. of other ways too). Great for searching and deleting and labelling.  Thanks to Mashable for this information. 🙂 See

That’s it for now!

cheers,  Frankie

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