A newsletter to follow

One of the great things about working in the Vocational Education & Training sector as well as the small business sector is that often the resources and information networks that I tap into inform each other. A classic example is the South Australian Framework E-newsletter put up via a WordPress blog by Marlene Manto.

In its own words,

The SA E-learning Newsletter comes out approximately monthly (depending on the workload of the author!).  The Charter is to provide e-learning  information and links of interest and relevance to practitioners, managers and support staff across the broader VET sector.  For this reason, not all subject areas will be useful for all people….but the overall goal is to provide ‘a little something for everyone’.

If you haven’t come across this before it’s a great way to ‘keep up’ with tools that educators use … and which might be of interest to small business providers too. Oh, and be careful… it’s so chock full of goodies that it’s easy to spend hours checking out the links.  My favourite this edition?  Well maybe I’d better let you find your own!



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