Simple and effective tools for everyday use

In keeping with my theme of posting useful tools (at least to me) I thought I’d share another two of my favourites. The first is the Snipping Tool that comes as part of later versions of Windows. It enables me to select all or part of my screens and save them as snips or screen shots and to copy and paste them into documents or PPTs etc.

To start it go to the Start button, click on All Programs, then click on Accessories and then click on the  Snipping Tool icon which looks like this: Snipping Tool Icon

The second one is the Notepad tool which is also located in the Accessories area of the Start Menu. I find it useful to strip out unnecessary formatting that comes with typical Word documents when I just want to work with the core information. It’s also a much ‘lighter’ tool to have open when I’m hosting video conferences and need to quickly grab urls and paste them into the conference.

So, there you have it! two more tools that I use most days – if not quite everyday. 🙂




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