What is Frankie Forsyth Consulting?

Frankie Forsyth Consulting is an incorporated Australian based business, owned and managed by Frankie Forsyth. As a small business owner for many years, Frankie works collaboratively with trusted affiliate partners to ‘get the job done’.

Scottish by birth and Australian by adoption Frankie has worked across all levels of business, government and community organisations. She has operated a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) has interests in other businesses, and has tertiary qualifications in business management, education and training. She is a lifelong learner who enjoys the journey, loves the work, likes to share her knowledge and foster others’ success.

She is skilled in explaining ‘geeky’ concepts in plain English and working alongside business wishing to implement solutions tailored to their needs.

How we work

Frankie and her colleagues will work with you in the ways you prefer. This can be a mix of online and face to face, individual or small group, personalised activities.  We are very comfortable communicating and working with online tools.

Our clients

We work with clients from all walks of business. Lately this has focused on small to medium business in Tasmania and private Registered Training Organisations. We are always open to new clients and love it when we have the opportunity to work again with past clients, colleagues and friends. We value privacy so don’t list clients here.

Businesses and organisations we have helped include:

  • Start ups
  • Existing businesses who recognised that it was time to make some changes
  • Small and medium businesses which ‘dabbled’ in the online world but saw its potential
  • Organisations which had a website that was built 8 years or so ago by their son’s cousin’s geeky friend [enter your situation!] and which they couldn’t access.